The "His" in His House Foundation is the Lord.


The "House" is the body of believers who are fulfilling the call of Jesus Christ to love His children.


The "Foundation" is JESUS CHRIST, through God's inspired word, the Holy Bible.

Mission Statement

Defining Needs, Combining Resources, Connecting People  through the love of Jesus Christ.

Vision Statement

To provide a location where resources, programs and volunteers can come together to serve Jesus by serving others.


We Believe:

All people are uniquely created and gifted by God & have great potential when connected to God.


Our Hope:

Through our programs, community connections with individuals and likeminded organizations we can help unlock that God given potential in the people we encounter.


The Purpose:

To provide a central location where we support & enrich the community by helping each other unlock the potential God has given each of us through volunteer opportunities, community activities, working together on community projects and serving one another.


We are here to enrich lives, point people to Christ, and connect them to local churches.



We are not a church,

we are not a replacement 

for the church.



We are a body of believers practicing our  faith in Jesus Christ by fulfilling His commands to: “Love the Lord  your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength and with all your mind”; and “Love your neighbor as yourself”. Luke 10:27