FUEL Academy we will provide men, women, and families an opportunity to transform their lives. We will accomplish this by providing them with dorm-style living while they attend the academy, during which time they will attend a variety of classes. These classes are designed to teach financial accountability, life skills, health and wellness and job training that will include on the job experience. We believe this opportunity will bring a complete transformation of their lives and will restore their dignity and bring hope to the hopeless and break destructive behavioral cycles caused by the lack of life skills and perpetual unemployment.


Preparing planned home-style meals served to the youth, families, & community by volunteers.



Providing compassion and resources to those that find themselves in a time of need with structured programs and access to resources.



Providing mentoring, training programs, resources and after-school educational support programs as well as the arts and music.



Building relationships in our community by giving  of ourselves; fulfilling Christ’s commandment to love one another as He loves us.


FUEL Academy

Supported by His House Foundation includes:      


  • Jobs For Life Program  

    • Job Training and Preparation Course

  • Financial Freedom

    • Personal Finance, Debt, & Budget

  • Best Self

    • Health, Fitness, & Appearance

  • Online College Courses

    • Start or Finish a college degree

  • Bible Study Options

    • Voluntary Bible Study Course

  • Counseling

    • One on One and Group Sessions

  • Internships

    • On the job training and Internships



There are men, women, and families within our communities that are affected by negative choices and events in their lives. Some by their own decisions and actions and some that are outside of their control. These circumstances have caused them to experience cycles of joblessness and the related consequences that follow.


A lack of work contributes to poverty, crime, homelessness, domestic violence, substance abuse, unwanted pregnancies, divorce, and suicide. FUEL Academy will provide students with life skills and on the job experience restoring their dignity, bringing hope to the hopeless and helping break destructive behavioral cycles caused by perpetual unemployment.



1st Floor

The heart of the home that provides family gathering, counseling center, family dining, computer lab, ADA handicap accessible rooms, and an administrative office.


2nd Floor

F.U.E.L. Academy

The 2nd floor will provide dorm-style accommodations for those in the F.U.E.L. Academy and classroom for educational training.


This program helps transform lives by ministering to the whole person.

Feeding: Physically & Spiritually

Understanding: Counseling & Compassion

Educating: Life Skills, Academics, Health & Wellness

Loving: Family Environment Where We Learn to Love & Be Loved