FUEL Academy provides children and their parents an opportunity to transform their lives.  We provide dorm-style living while parent / parents attend a variety of classes. These classes are designed to teach financial accountability, life skills, health and wellness and job training that will include on the job experience.

Our mission is to provide families with an opportunity to transform their lives.
Our vision is to see families united, healthy and restored with dignity.
We believe If the heart is beating then there is hope. 

FUEL Academy

Supported by His House Foundation includes:      


  • Jobs For Life Program  

    • Job Training and Preparation Course

  • Financial Freedom

    • Personal Finance, Debt, & Budget

  • Best Self

    • Health, Fitness, & Appearance

  • Online College Courses

    • Start or Finish a college degree

  • Bible Study Options

    • Voluntary Bible Study Course

  • Counseling

    • One on One and Group Sessions

  • Internships

    • On the job training and Internships



There are children and their parent/parents 

within our communities that have been affected by negative choices and events that have happened in their lives. Some by their own choices and actions and some that are outside of their control. These circumstances have caused them to experience cycles of homelessness, joblessness and the related consequences that follow.

A lack of work contributes to poverty, crime, homelessness, domestic violence, substance abuse, unwanted pregnancies, divorce, and suicide.

FUEL Academy focuses on improving life skills  work ethic and financial responsibility with the goal of restoring dignity, bringing hope to the hopeless and helping break destructive behavioral cycles.