Sponsor a Room

Room Sponsorship includes:

  • Plaque with Your Name on the Door

  • Listed on the Recognition Board

  • Displayed on the His House Foundation Website & Announced on the Facebook Page

  • Invitation to Academy Graduations

  • Annual Banquet

   * All gifts & room sponsorships are tax deductible

5 Year Sponsorship

  • Rooms (33)*

  • Living Room

  • Dining Room

  • Counselors Office

  • Computer Lab

  • Training Room

  • Spa


Click Here to Complete the Donation Acknowledgement Form for Room Sponsorship

Click the Donate Button to Donate through PayPal

* Year 1        $10,000

* Years 2-5    $1,000 each year








PayPal Acknowledgment: By donating through the yellow button above you understand you are donating through PayPal and PayPal will keep 2.2% + $0.30 of each donation you make through the yellow button. The remaining amount will be provided to His House Foundation. ***At this time, the yellow button is to only be used for Phase II (F.U.E.L. Academy) donations.***

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